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189 thoughts on “Bucking Horse Outpost

  1. Where is my order #4906??? FedEx says they delivered it to the wrong address! What are you doing to resolve this?

    1. Gary, we determined what happened on FedEx’s end and have emailed you a couple of resolutions; awaiting your reply in order to resolve. Please let us know if you did not receive those messages – we do not offer live telephone support, but our Customer Service team is available via email. Your patience is appreciated!

      1. Bucking horse can you please reach out to me. I haven’t gotten any sort of confirmation on my order 46451. Please help me or else I will have to make a claim with my cc company.

        1. Hi, thank you for your comment and for reaching out to us at our service email! We’ve sent you a reply and confirmation of your order, please let us know if you have not received it!

    2. That’s strange. I buy a lot of stuff from here and I’ve never had a single issue. I’m sure you’ll get it soon

    3. That’s a FedEx issue, call THEM.

      1. FedEx just passes the buck on to BHO!

        1. Many FedEx UPS & Postal Drivers tend to over-use their GPS rather than looking outside for Address of even Street Name, leading to a misdelivery.

          1. Actually at UPS, if you’re attempting to deliver a package on an incorrect street, scanning it (which we have to do with each package) usually throws a warning message and asks to recheck the address. It’s exceedingly difficult to misdeliver packages nowadays unless the houses being delivered to are crammed together or are shared entryways (duplexs, apartments, etc).

          2. Also at UPS we literally just received GPS over the last 2 to 3 years. Before that it was all area knowledge through use of map books and talking to more experienced drivers.

      2. FEDEX is terrible

        1. We share your frustration about FedEx! We are working towards adding UPS as another shipping option for our customers. We hope to have you back!

          1. Obviously you’ve done nothing so far. Same here, order #42013, gone! Contacted FedEx, they said the package was delayed (confirmed by tracking) then sent back to BHO because the bar code was unreadable and they could not contact BHO. Checked tracking again, it was DELIVERED to some jerk in IN who signed ABROSNAN – not me! And as BHO states – All sales are Final – so I’m completed hosed, thank you so much

          2. Hi, we’re sorry to hear you haven’t received your order. We’ve emailed you this afternoon to let you know your order was returned and received back at one of our Fulfillment Centers. Please reply back to us at [email protected] at your earliest convenience.

    4. They did that to me when I bought 300 rounds of JHP from Underwood, they delivered it to my neighbor’s house.

      Neighbors didn’t tell me I had to go find out.

      They will have to reimburse you if you don’t find it, for delivering it to the wrong address.

    5. Yea I have a fed ex delivery showing delivered and signed by someone else last week. They should start by STOP USING FED EX!

      1. Hi Craig – please email us directly at [email protected] if you did not receive your recent order. We will investigate and resolve ASAP!

      2. UPS can be worse. Lots of employee theft at my local plant. They got two watches from me. Some of these thieves will forge a signature on their device during delivery and take the product home based on the label or in the case of ammo, weight relative to package size. Then they tell their boss, “Oh, no I must have delivered to the wrong address.” Some will even take the package after they take a picture of it on your doorstep. Thieves and malevolence are everywhere. Be careful.

    6. Where’s your email???? Because that’s where this question belongs

    7. I liked shopping here until they started charging sales tax, yuck… Who wants to have their money stolen from them by a tyrannical government? I’ll take my business elsewhere.

      1. Hi! Thank you for your review! Once we’ve reached Nexus in a state, we’re required to charge the state’s sales tax. We wish we could waive it, but we can’t. We hope you’ll give us another shot!

      2. My recent order as of March 23, 2022 did not have sales tax applied to my order. However today on April 14, 2022 I went to check out and saw sales tax in my order total. I did not place the order…

        1. Hi, thank you for shopping with us, we’re required to charge sales tax in all states where we’ve achieved Nexus. If you placed an order previously and were not charged sales tax but are now having sales tax automatically calculated at checkout, it is because we’ve reached Nexus in your state.

      3. I wasn’t happy seeing the tax added after several orders either… Yea it sucks, but where are going to take your business that doesn’t & have these prices? It the law & we ain’t getting around it. You know, death & taxes. Be happy you saved a few bucks when you did.

      4. You obviously have no clue what a tyranical government is.

    8. FEDEX is the problem!!!! I hate them. They have punks working for them. I have never NOT had an issue when FEDEX is involved. Sorry you’re dealing with them but I can assure you it’s not BHOs fault.

  2. 2 orders in and the whole experience has been flawless! Super pleased and been passing yalls website around to all my buddies! Keep up the great work Thank You!

    1. We love hearing that! Thank you for your business and for helping us spread the word!!

    2. Agreed! I’ve ordered many of times and never had an issue! Only issue was my stupidity for buying steel ammo, trying to save a few bucks. This site is great!

      1. What was wrong with the steel ammo … what went wrong? Can you tell us what mag and firearm? So we know not to let them date each other.

        1. Steel jacket sticks in revolvers. It can be oiled to make it a little better.

  3. I’ve had 4 orders so far with this account and a couple of orders on my wife’s account—-everything’s been flawless and shipping speed has been amazing. I love your service and you’re always my first stop when I’m looking for ammo. On a side note, I also wanted to mention that your can cooler’s are awesome! Thanks so much and keep up the great work!

    1. We love hearing that you’re getting the same service and satisfaction on your last order as you did on your first! Love hearing that we’re your first stop to shop too!! Thank you so much you’re always welcome at the Outpost!

  4. You guys are freaking awesome! So glad I found your website. Just two orders so far, but that’s guaranteed to go higher. Fine products, good prices and flawless processing. Look forward to doing a lot of business in the future. Keep buckin’!

    1. Thank you so much!! We appreciate you taking the time to tell us! We look forward to your continued business as well!

  5. I recently found your website when searching for some ammo, other website have too many restrictions and not enough availability for what I wanted, I just want to say THANK YOU for an excellent service that your website provides to keep people like us supplied with what we need, this is my third purchase in less than a month and I will be a long time customer, thank you again. Don

    1. THANK YOU TOO! We are thankful for our customers and are happy to hear we’re doing it right! Thanks for choosing Bucking Horse Outpost! You’re always welcome!

  6. I’ve just received an e-mail from FedEx that a signature is required. Thanks for not letting me know this in advance, as my working hours overlap directly with FedEx delivery times. I’ve never had to sign for ammo from any other business whatsoever. This is not a requirement where I live. How now am I supposed to receive my already paid for merchandise?

    1. Hi RGB, sorry for any inconvenience! We understand not everyone may be home to sign for their deliveries. FedEx has options to manage your delivery and offers a “Hold at Location” service. Below is the URL to FedEx’s website on this feature. You can reach our service team directly at [email protected] please let us know if we can assist further!

    2. Bucking Horse has this posted in several places on their website. “ADULT SIGNATURE REQUIRED ON DELIVERY” This is for their protection and yours. If you cannot be home for deliveries, have your packages held at the FedEx store and pick them up on your schedule. When I was working, I always had my ammo shipped to my work address.

    3. Today was my first order from this website and I saw that ‘signature required’ notice before I filled out the purchase order. You may have overlooked it but it IS there. Also, I deal with another website that is also a “signature required” for ammo, so this is not the only one.

  7. First order – 2 days to KY
    Second order – Ordered last night. Delivering tomorrow!
    100/10 – I’m recommending to all of my friends!

    1. So glad you are pleased! Thank you so much!!

      1. On order #8!
        I feel like I can go to the range and not break the bank!

        1. There you go! We aim to please and offer good prices so you can enjoy going to the range more often.

          1. OMG! I just put in order #10!

            Do I get a tee shirt? Or some other swag?

            All of my friends order from Buckinghorse now!

          2. ** W O W ** Thank you!! We’re hoping to get swag in the future for sure! We appreciate you supporting us and helping us spread the word!!

  8. I found your company on WikiArms ammo search. As shipping can add $2 – $4 or more per box of ammo, with free shipping your prices can’t be beat! I also like your “signature required upon delivery” requirement. This safety feature protects you and me! My wife and I shoot 9mm and 22lr. (40 gr/high vel.) Please try to get more 22lr. It’s all about price and availability and your company currently has the edge…Thanks!

    1. That’s awesome to hear and we couldn’t agree more with your assessment of the adult signature requirement – that’s one of the biggest reasons we do it. 🙂 Happy to have your business and hope you will return. If you have not already joined our email list, be sure to do so and you’ll be among the first to know when we add new items or restock inventory.

  9. Absolutely great company and great service couldn’t be happier with all of it. Pricing is great shipping is on time and secure.Extremely happy to do business review and I will continue to do business with you. The no shipping charge on ammo is a definite plus in the industry as it keeps the price of ammo extremely low keep up the good work guys

    1. Thank you so much! We appreciate your support and kind words!

  10. Ammo arrived without issue and would definitely order from here again.

    1. Awesome – glad to hear that!

  11. Submitted my order. a week later got my bullets and a awesome 9-11 never forget sticker! Will order from them again.

    1. Thanks! So glad you like the sticker! We are biased, but we think it is super cool, too.

  12. The best place I’ve found to get ammo at a decent price. Shipping is super fast. Thanks for your good customer service.

    1. We aim to please. 🙂 Thanks for the kind words!

  13. They are the best in price out of everyone you can find online or in town. They even did multiple coupon codes for the 9/11 sale which is pretty much unheard of these days plus I’m getting a free ammo can and two boxes of ammo free with the deal which puts you good 15-20% cheaper than anyone on ammoseek or wiki delivered!!

    1. Awesome review and thank you thank you for your business!

  14. Well everything Went fine until my second order was placed tonight . Website stated oops something went wrong and it wouldn’t let me place an order even after trying twice, but then it charged me anyways after the fact i get an email after i decided to go buy elsewhere? Hopefully you can offer some assistance and make this right?

    1. So sorry we haven’t followed up on this more quickly. We will absolutely set you right. Our site crashed a couple of times over the last few days but we are GTG now. We’ll reach out to you privately regarding your order correction.

  15. First time customer to BHO and I have to say you guys are my go to store for ammo from now on!!
    Picked up the 150 rds of 9mm CCI and a Sportster range bag for $69? Insane deal. Shipped from WY to South FL in no time flat.
    Word of mouth got me to your bundle deals and I will keep coming back.
    For 9/11 and through the website down issue, I was still able to pick up the .223 Federal Patriots bundle with ammo can to boot.
    Another great deal!!
    Thank you guys and keep up the great customer oriented service.
    See you soon…

    1. Can we hire you as a spokesperson? 🙂 Please spread the word and we appreciate your business!

  16. I am a new customer to BHO. I recently placed an order, and BHO got it sent right out. Very fast service. The issue I had was a bit like a post below, and that was with FedEx. The shipment ‘disappeared’ for five days and they didn’t know where it was. Finally, after an ‘investigation’, they determined it was sitting in Kentucky all that time. They got it moving and it arrived six days late.

    The really crazy part is they called me the day before the original expected delivery date and said to be home for the signature. I took the day off work and, as we know, it didn’t arrive. That is what sent me into the investigation above. Even with all that, I had so much confidence in BHO and how quickly they got that order out I made a second order before the first was even delivered! They also got that one out fast. And as I half expected, FedEx messed that one up, too.

    They called and said be home the next day, and I took the day off work again, and it didn’t arrive. When I called them they had no answers as to when it might arrive. I took a chance and took the next day off and it arrived, only one day late this time. Both orders were perfect, exactly as promised by BHO. The FedEx issues were not BHO’s fault.

    I only wrote all this up so people can be forewarned not to expect too much out of FedEx right now, based on my experiences. As far as BHO, I give them a top of the line rating. I am watching every day for some items to come in stock and I’ll be making another order. The free shipping is great, too. Most places just mark up the prices to cover that, but BHO prices are very competitive. A+++ thumbs up. Thanks, BHO.

    1. We sure do appreciate the kind words and we especially appreciate you sticking with us despite some shipping frustrations. Looking forward to doing more business with you and we’ll try to keep offering good deals!

  17. I am not sure how this will work out. Placed order been tracking it. It was supposed to be here last Friday originally, instead it went the wrong direction for approx 1000 miles and now will be here later in week. I asked about it by using the contact us form on the website and received no reply. So not sure if I will use this company again.

    1. Hi Mark – sorry to hear that the shipment is off track. Our service team sent you an email last Friday and we are investigating with FedEx, as well. Please send an update to [email protected] and let us if you’ve received it or learned anything new. Your patience is appreciated!

      1. So the prices are good the ammo is as described and the staff is friendly, if you live in the Pacific North West, do not expect much from the shipping (its free). here is an example of what to expect, it goes from Wyoming to Indiana then it goes to Kentucky then to Illinois then to Minnesota then going to Montana then to Washington then to Oregon then back to Washington then maybe get delivered if it does not go back to another state this takes about 10 or more days. Variations of this have happened with every order so you have to be patient and hope you are home when it arrives. As long as you can deal with this they are a great place to buy from.

        1. Thank you for your review and sharing your experience! We certainly understand your frustration with FedEx!

        2. Glad to hear you are happy with our pricing and that our staff has been helpful. 🙂 As far as shipping, we utilize a couple of fulfillment centers located outside of Wyoming and we are at the mercy of third-party shipping challenges, so this can create some less-than-efficient routing. We do appreciate your patience and hope you’ll continue doing business with us!

  18. Just got my third order of ammo from BHO. Great transaction once again. Dont hesitate to purchase from them.

    1. Great to hear that and really appreciate your business – thanks for choosing BHO again!

  19. I have placed 2 orders with this company. Both were delivered very quickly. Customer service is email only but they really do get back to you very fast. First order was when the website went down and the CS person was awesome and made sure I still got the Patriot day deal. Prices are great and when ordering over $75 you get free shipping which is a bonus. I will definitely be back.

    1. Awwwww – thanks so much for the kind words and for being patient while we were working through that crash. We appreciate you! 🙂

  20. Fair prices, and actually have in stock. Like others, I am not a fan of FedEx, but I am a fan of BHO. Love the sales and free shipping on orders over $75. Be sure to sign up for the notification emails so you know the sales!

    1. You rock! Thank you for shopping with us! Thank you for mentioning our email subscription too! Our subs our first notified for sales, bundles, and new inventory!!

  21. I have placed 5 orders with BHO since August of 2021 and am extremely pleased with the quickness of recieving the ammunition that I ordered, and the prices, quality, plus the availability of ammunition. BHO beats all other mail order ammunition business hands down. I will be a customer of Buckinghorse for a long time.

    1. Thank you so much – we really appreciate your business and the awesome review!

  22. Placed my order late Sunday evening and received it Thursday afternoon just in time to hit the range. Fantastic bargain prices. Definitely placing more orders soon. Keep it up BUCKING HORSE OUTPOST!!

    1. Thanks – we will keep aiming to please!

  23. New to this store. Have only placed 2 orders. Totally satisfied with them.

    1. Thanks for choosing us! We are very pleased to know you are happy with your experience. 🙂

  24. hi,
    my order has been messed up by Fedex. Their website states that they failed to deliver due to no one being home but I never even got a knock on the door. Now they are sending it back to the shipper. When I called the official number, the delivery address they had on the file doesn’t even match my address; the website is showing my address but the phone person has an address to Indiana which is thousands miles from me.

    1. We checked with FedEx and it appears the package was rerouted to a Fulfillment center – not sure why. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and happy to ship a replacement at no additional charge. We appreciate your patience!

  25. Order was scheduled to arrive yesterday, 10 November 2021 and required a signature. Having rearranged my day – to provide a signature, there was no delivery and FEDEX provides no update other than “delayed”. Apparently, this is happening to others. Can you please advise on the status of my order? BTW, are your orders transiting Chicago?

    1. Hi Stefan – sorry to hear your delivery got delayed after you made arrangements to be there to sign. That is indeed frustrating and we’ve heard from other customers that FedEx seems to have a number of challenges in their system. We checked your tracking status and it says the package is on a truck for delivery in Ft. Meyers as of early this morning. It was in Ocala last night. Please let us know if it does not arrive today and we’ll try to help track it down. If you order from BHO again (and we hope you will!), you might want to look into the Hold at Location option offered by FedEx. Here’s a link to more info: We use fulfillment centers in a couple of locations, and we have seen some whacky routing for sure! It doesn’t appear that your package went through Chicago from what we can see, though. Thank you for choosing BHO and we appreciate your patience.

  26. Amazing place to buy ammo. Great prices and even better service. Very responsive.

    1. Thank you very much! Happy we could provide you with great service!!

  27. I have bought a lot of ammo online from a bunch of different companies and none have been as easy and helpful as this company. Great customer service, great prices, and fast shipping. I have already placed two orders in one week. I have an order with another company and I have been waiting since Jan 2021 for the ammo and still haven’t shipped it. Bucking horse is my new go-to place for ammo. I urge everyone to give them a try … you won’t be disappointed.

    1. Thank you so much for such kind and supportive words!! We appreciate your business and we’re super pleased you’ve had a good experience. Looking forward to having you return! 🙂

  28. Very pleased with BHO,fair price,incredibly fast delivery

    1. Thank you, John – so glad you had a good experience! Thanks for choosing Bucking Horse.

  29. Not going to lie but I was nervous at first but the bullets came pretty fast and customer service is legit. Will definitely use them again.

    1. Thank you for trusting us with your business!! We look forward to having you back!

  30. This was my 5th or 6th order with BHO. Great deals, fast and free shipping if order is over $75. Why pay 7 to 12 cents more per round to ship. FedEx delayed the delivery by a day and I wasn’t going to be home. Went online with FedEx and re-routed my order to my local Walgreens. Picked it up there. No problem.

    1. Thank you so much for the repeat business and for this awesome review – much appreciated!

  31. Thank you for your quick processing and shipment! Every order I have placed with you guys has been perfect!

    I’ll be baaack!

    Thanks again! God bless!

    1. Awwwwwww – thank YOU! Can’t wait to have you baaack. 🙂 Appreciate your business and the kind words.

  32. Sad to say but if FedEx is the primary shipper for Bucking Horse it will be the first and the last time ordering from them. Customer service was amazing and answered emails promptly but shipping was a problem and has always been a problem with FedEx.

    1. We are sorry to see you go but we also understand how very frustrating shipping and delivery issues can be. We hope you’ll give us another shot in the future.

  33. Bucking Horse customer service is amazing and has been my go-to for ammo all 2021. FedEx leadership should be tarred and feathered but Bucking Horse took care of me when FedEx did their FedEx thing.

    Need to start carrying subsonic 300 BLK and I will buy all of my ammo here.

    1. Thank you so much for your continued business and support!! We are so glad we were able to take care of you and help with the FedEx issues! Happy Holidays to you!

  34. Good afternoon. After reading many of your reviews it looks like shipping has been a challenge for you. I finally received my package today, the first of three orders last week. It should have been here on Friday but was delayed and shipped through Kentucky. I live straight south in Arizona and I wonder why they ship it all the way to the East and then back to Arizona. My second order is still waiting to be picked up after five or six days at your location. I don’t need the ammo right away so I’m okay with the delayed shipping time. Maybe you can look to another vendor for shipping if FedEx isn’t your only option. Thank you for the deals on the ammo and the free shipping. I’ll continue to look 👀 your way when I need to purchase more ammo.

    1. Thank you for your review! We hope you receive your orders in a timely manner from FedEx. If you have any issues with your delivery, please feel free to reach out to us at: [email protected]

  35. Buckinghorseoutpost has been great so far. Checkout isn’t possible on a phone, though.

    1. We’re glad you’re pleased so far! If you are having difficulty checking out on your phone, please email us screen shots of any errors you may be getting at [email protected] and we’ll see if we can help. 🙂

  36. After looking through ALL the posted comments, it is obvious that you have a great business that offers good products, good prices, good customer service, etc. It is also obvious that nearly ALL problems revolve around FedEx.

    My question is simply this: what are the reasons you continue to use FedEx vice another concern, e.g. UPS? Is it cost of shipping; availability of pick up times; shipping rules; or something else???

    Seems to me that you would have far fewer complaints from your customer base and BHO would likely expand its sales; a notable feat for a mail order concern in a town of only 15,000 or so people. So please, tell us all why you persist in using a second-rate shipping provider?

    In all other respects, we love you guys, and it would be a passionate love if you could get some 32 H&R mag and .327 Federal Mag ammo (the most under-appreciated revolver rounds in existence) in stock.

    1. FedEx is currently our only carrier option, but we would like to be able to offer customers a choice between FedEx and UPS in the future. We appreciate the patience of any customers experiencing FedEx frustrations, and we will continue to try and keep our inventory fresh to give you a reason to return!

  37. Hidden gem of a website. Plan to be a repeat customer many times over.

    1. Awwww – thank you!

  38. i got my order took a couple of days to get hear but you can’t complain with free shipping. the prices are good and the product is good.i am a new costumer with BHO and i will be a return costumer. i am ordering more ammo today. thanks

    1. Thank you so much!! We appreciate your return business and are glad to have you!

  39. Bucking Horse is great! FedEx…well…not so much

    1. Thank you so much 🙂

  40. As many others have said, FedEx seems to be the problem, not BHO. My issue was I received no tracking email from FedEx, so I did not know when the package would arrive. I only knew via email from BHO when it was handed off to them for delivery. My order was being sent to my office, which is not a concern since a signature was required, but I would like to have known when to expect delivery so I could make sure I was around.

    However, BHO seem to be doing everything else right. And if the only thing I can find to complain about is FedEx, considering all the other problems in the world right now, I am happy to let it slide.

    Thanks BHO for an otherwise great experience.

    1. Thank you so much, we appreciate your feedback very much!! We are here to help any way we can! Thank you for your support!

  41. Received my order within 7 days of placing it. All items received as described. Perhaps consider emailing tracking numbers in the future so as to save yourself some hassles from impatient customers. I am thoroughly satisfied.

    1. Thank you Mike!! Glad to have you as a customer!! We’re working through some kinks in a new shipping system, but we should have gotten this corrected today, so we’re hoping those automated confirmations start coming through to you all again!!

  42. Excellent customer service with speed and professionalism. With all the poor customer service since the pandemic, BHO showed me what good service is. They quickly shipped 100rds of 9mm ammo that was shorted on a 500rd order. I would suggest you immediately open the box before the FedEx driver leaves and take pictures. The shortage could be the fault of the supplier or the shipper. I didn’t have this immediate evidence and they trusted me.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and sharing your experience! Yes! Please take pictures for any claims of missing or damaged ammo and send them to us at [email protected]

  43. Great transaction for me. Good ammo, good prices. It shipped to me from Indiana? to Michigan which was a nice and fast surprise and only took 2-3 days. I’m back to buy more on this visit to the site.
    – Joe

    1. Thank you so much for your business! Can’t wait to have you back!

  44. I received my order (#23610) last week and it was sooner than I expected. However, my order was for 200 rounds of 9mm and 100 rounds of 380. What I received was the 9mm order, but I was shorted 50 rounds of the 380. I only received one 50 round box of the 380. It didn’t appear that the shipping box was tampered with or opened and resealed. It appears that the additional box was just not included ? I can only assume that the person filling the order simply overlooked the additional 50 round box ? Please send me the missed box or issue me a refund. Thank You

    1. Hi Joe! Thank you for your review and for shopping with us! We’ve sent you an email requesting more details on your missing ammo, we’re waiting to hear back from you!

  45. Order #25051

    I ordered 20 boxes of TulAmmo .223Rem 55 grain steel case; 20rds per box and only received 18. The packing tape was intact.

    1. We know that you have been in contact with BHO Customer Service to resolve the issue with this order – please let us know if there is anything else we can help with in the interim.

  46. Hi my order 25705 was received 0n 1-22-22. The ammo was received but the ammo box was not included. I was told by CS1233 to photos and that they would be in touch with me shortly. I am not sure what shortly means these days but its been 24 hrs. Also I have another order being shipped maybe you can send the ammo box with that order.
    Please advise.

    1. Thank you for emailing us so we could get this resolved for you! Have a great week!

  47. Awesome website! Fast shipping and great prices. I hope they start carrying subsonic hp 22lr ammo and 220 grain 300 blackout ammo. I will be spending a lot of money on this site! Thanks.

    1. Thanks for the amazing endorsement – we look forward to doing more business with you! We try to change up the inventory as frequently as possible, so subscribe to our email list and check back often. 🙂

      1. Hands down, the most reliable and reasonably priced source of ammo I have found. I have placed at least 12 orders, all have been shipped quickly and delivered flawlessly. I’ll be ordering on a routine basis most likely. To help with FedEx issues, if you have the option to divert the delivery to a FedEx store or pickup location, it is much more secure than your porch. Thanks Bucking Horse!!!

        1. YOU ROCK!! Thank you Kevin!!! We’re so happy you’ve had such a great experience with us, we very much appreciate your continued support!!

  48. I turn to BHO first for ammunition.
    I wish they offered UPS as FedEx is utterly incompetent. FedEx Home Delivery are independent contractors so FedEx has no direct control. They can hire day labor from in front of the fish market who have never delivered a package before. We know everyone in our neighborhood because we all get each other’s FedEx Home Delivery packages. Since they get paid for every delivery attempt, the first two attempts they don’t even bring the package to the door, just the door tag (check your RING doorbell). The third and last attempt they get serious.
    I have FedEx redirect the package to a FedEx Office location. Inconvenient yes but virtually immune to FedEx Home Delivery driver theft / incompetence. No chance the driver will toss the package into a ravine like reported recently in the news.

    1. We so value your business and we know you have experienced frustrations with FedEx’s service. At some point in the future we hope to offer carrier options so our customers may choose. As always, your patience and your loyalty are appreciated!

    2. I don’t like FedEx either. EVERY order I have they send a text saying it is out for delivery. So I stay home to
      sign for the package. Then a text around 7pm saying delayed or no one home when I was home all day. It
      is very frustrating. I have started looking for companies that ship UPS like Norma.

      1. We hate to hear about frustrations with FedEx service and we understand completely. We are working on being able to offer an alternative shipping carrier so that our customers have options, so please stick with us!

  49. I want to thank the staff that Bucking Horse Outpost for their amazing customer service. The guys are professional attentive and responsive to questions. if I ever have a problem, which is rare, I can just shoot them an email and they quickly get back to me to work out whatever it was that happened. their prices are great and all in all they’re just an absolute pleasure to work with for my purchases. while I work in the firearm industry and work at an FFL I still find their prices on ammo to be more competitive than I can get at work some of the time. Thank you guys for your hard work.


    1. Thank YOU!! We appreciate the kind words and so happy that you’ve had such great experiences shopping with us!!

  50. BHO has been fantastic since I started ordering from then my a year ago, reliably good prices and great customer service. Recently, FedEx “lost” a shipment of .223 ammo I had ordered and basically gave me the big F.U. BHO took care of me and had a replacement shipment on the way within a few days. Definitely my No. 1 choice for ammo lol

    1. Thank you for the kind words and we are thrilled we’re your number 1 choice. 🙂 Appreciate your business!

  51. Thus far I have ordered 4 times from BHO and I have been pretty happy with it. Some prices are better than others but today it’s just how it is. I was a little worried ordering from a site I have never heard of before but everything went fine.

    1. Thanks for giving BHO a shot and for returning to order more! We appreciate your business and for taking the time to leave a kind review. 🙂

  52. Thank you for taking care of my lost FedEx order so quickly! A+++!

    1. It’s our pleasure – thanks for choosing BHO! 🙂

  53. First order with BHO. No issues. Order shipped quickly and delivered with no problems. Will order from you all again.

    1. We’re so glad you were pleased with your experience – thanks for choosing BHO!

      1. Great customer service, great prices and fast free shipping. I’m glad I found this site. 5 stars

        1. Thank you so much!! We’re glad you found us too!

  54. These guys are great! Very easy and fast communications through email. Prices are good and I am just waiting on my first order to arrive. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you!! We appreciate you and your business!! We’re here to help if you need us, just let us know!

  55. I appreciate having a fair-priced business in my backyard to make ammo purchases from! I am a repeat customer because you all are affordable, local and ship quickly! Thanks Again. JCH in Montana.

    1. Thank you!! We’re glad we’re able to get you those deals and that you’re satisfied with our service!! We look forward to having you back!

  56. Fair price ammo, amazing customer service! Fast response to emails, fast processing and shipping ! I am a repeat customer customer now and will come back to buy again for sure!

    I hope the website can fix the bug/issue that the free shipping code does not work automatically for my state.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review! We appreciate your continued support and hope to do more business with you in the future. Have a great day!

  57. Bucking Horse was excellent. FedEx is as usual pretty terrible for our area, but in spite of this the items arrived in good condition and with a rad sticker. All in all an excellent experience! Great work BHO!

    1. Thank you!!! We’re so glad you had a great experience! We look forward to having you back!

  58. Concern client here on the new SALES TAX on your orders! Extremely disappointed
    Will take my family business elsewhere. No longer a special place to purchase .

    1. We appreciate your concern and while we wish we didn’t have to charge it, we’re required to charge sales tax in all states where we’ve reached Nexus. We hope you’ll change your mind!

  59. Wow, placed my order a few hours ago and it is already shipped. You guys are quick.

    1. Thanks so much!! We’re glad you found us and look forward to having you back!

  60. BHO… Has good prices and customer service but I order anything again because they use fraudex (fedex).
    Stay home to sign for my order and they don’t show up or send it back to the shipping hub and want to charge for a redelivery when it’s their F#&KUP. Until they start using another shipping carrier, I’ll be shopping elsewhere.

    1. We’re glad you found us and appreciate your business! We are very close to an agreement that will enable us to offer UPS to our customers as another shipping option. We do hope you’ll give us another shot! Please contact us at [email protected] if you did not receive your order.

    2. I agree 100% with you nextdoor – this having to sign for the package is ridiculous. But be warned, UPS is also terrible. I had ordered 1000 rds 22LR from a tiny company in OK. When it arrived via UPS, the box was ripped to pieces, all ammo was gone, but the thief who stole it left me a small plastic jar of chicken salt in the box – UPS sucks as bad as anyone. This is my second wonderful experience with losing a package I really wanted, thanks BHO

  61. How long does an order typically take to process and ship?

    1. Hi Nathan! We normally ship within 2-3 business days but this can vary depending on the volume of orders we get in.

      1. Great, thanks for the update!

  62. Lately, there’s been some weird issues applying the free shipping code to orders and getting charged for shipping, but as usual the BHO staff is very responsive and takes care of it right away. Prices are great, service is great, and that’s why I am a repeat (and repeat} customer while also referring my family and friends here!

    1. We appreciate your understanding with the coupon code issue and for always reaching out so we can take care of you! We appreciate your continued business and support! THANK YOU!!

  63. Just my second order so far. Prices are a little higher than I’d like to pay (I’m a Broke-Daddy), but par with some other vendors . . However the FREEE SHIPPING makes up for it!
    Both orders were completed and shipping notice rec’d within an hour, and FredEx hasn’t messed up.

    1. Thank you for taking time to leave us a review! We’re happy to hear you’re enjoying shopping with us and the deals we provide. Have a great day!

      1. Oh, and the ‘Discount codes’ emailed during the last weeks combined with the Free Shpg really brought total cost down to pre-2020 level. Wish I’d held off one day on my previous order! Keep ’em coming!

        1. Thank you for your support Gene, that’s our goal! We’re happy to provide ammo at reasonable and accessible prices.

    2. You’re one of the lucky ones

  64. Glad I found your site! You all have an amazing selection of ammo. The prices and email deals are incredible, and I have not seen pricing like this since pre-summer 2020. Thank you all so much!!!!

    1. We’re so glad you found us too! Very happy that we can provide such great prices and service! Thanks for being one of our subscribers!! We appreciate your business!

  65. Great company, good deals, and orders ship quickly. However, I can no longer deal with FedEx, specifically the signature requirement. This is not the fault of bucking horse, but until there is another option, we will have to look elsewhere.
    Buckinghorse 5/5
    Delivery Option 0/5

    1. Thank you for sharing your experiences, and we completely understand the frustration with dealing with FedEx. We understand the ASR is inconvenient, which is why we allow packages to be held at a local FedEx hold location if that is a viable option for you! Additionally, we’re looking into adding UPS as a delivery option so you may choose whichever one you’d prefer. Thank you again for shopping with us and have a great weekend!!

  66. The problem is FX GROUND. These are CONTRACTORS. Not regular FX employees. Im not happy sith ground either,.. but I have all my ammo shipped to a UPS box store & held for pick up. Can’t claim they delivered it and it got stolen under those circumstances.

    I work nights and evenings I can have ammo sitting on my porch so midnight 1 o’clock in the morning. It cost me five dollars extra per shipment but it will work avoiding the hassle of porch Pirates

  67. Hi folks . .
    Your last few email ammo soecials have provided us with plenty of 9mm, .38sp, and .357 magnum reserves. I pretty much ‘shot my load ‘Budget-Wise’. All that I lack now are Your super specials on name brand .40S&W rounds, both FMJ and HP’s. Some of your competitors were selling S&B and PMC Bronze Flat and JHP’s at under 40¢/round, which obviously sell out quick, but they’ve been popping up and selling out usually when I’m not looking, or at vendors with ridiculously high shot charges.

    I’m hoping that BuckingHorse can get a nice consignment and give us a fair shot at some Soon thru your email deals . . I’ve got 4-5 ammo cans I’d like to fill (in preparation for the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse)!


    1. (I really need to take better care in proof reading my rants. My last msg should have read ‘rediculously high Shpg charges)

    2. Hi Gene! Thanks for being one of our loyal customers and subscribers!! All of our deals depend on stock (which depends on what we can get sourced in from our various suppliers.) We hope you’ll keep checking back! We’ve definitely had .40 on special before and we’re sure to again! Have a great day!!

  68. Thank you Bucking Horse Outpost for having some great sales when we need them the most. I have placed 4 orders in the last couple months and have been completely satisfied. I have also referred several friends who are also buying sale items. Thank you!!!

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! We love seeing reviews like this! We appreciate your continued support and for helping us spread the word!! You’re always welcome at the Outpost!

  69. MY ORDER NEVER CAME Harv Kishter email please reply phone 321 271 0148 thanks it was 6.5 creedmore

    1. Hi there, we tried searching for an order using your email address and first/last name, but no order came up. BHO has not sold 6.5 Creedmoor. We apologize for any confusion.

  70. Awesome prices, products, and services. I’ve purchased several orders and haven’t had any issues with processing or what was received. Solid dudes.

    1. Thank you for shopping with us and for taking the time to leave a review! Have a great weekend

  71. Ordered from Bucking Horse Outpost for the first time. Great experience, items shipped promptly, items received were as described. Had a couple of questions on my order, submitted to their customer service email, response was within hours the same day. I will definitely purchase from BHO again.

    Thank you BHO.


    1. Thank you so much for your review! We’re very happy to hear you’ve had such a great experience shopping with us! We look forward to having you back!

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